Women Making Waves

About a week ago Beth Amiro, an accomplished local female surfer, along with East Coast Surf School, hosted their 3rd annual women's surfing clinic...
Women Making Waves is a pretty amazing event which welcomes all females above the age of 12 to get in the water for a fun and friendly session. Being a local surfer, I know how intimidating it can be to paddle out when you are a beginner! I hear lots of women say they would love to surf but don’t even know how to go about trying. Well this is the perfect event to get in the water and learn from well respected instructors, in a stress-free environment, while strengthening and growing the local surf community.
I am pleased as punch that I was able to join along and snap some pics, it was a wonderful evening full of energy and stoke and I highly recommend it to any female in the area who is curious about surfing or would just like to join along for support!

Location: Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia